Sham - E - Gazal

Ustad Ghulam Ali & Suresh Wadkar

Since years we have cherished soulful and velvet voice of “Ghulam Ali” & “Suresh Wadkar” in the realm of bollywood songs, gazals, bhajans and regional songs. They both have engraved their unforgettable songs with their mesmerizing voices in our hearts. And so we have attempted to present favorite living legendary singers with their most admired songs with an unusual resonance.

“Sham – e – Gazal” presented the most melodious concert in London ever. Its been long enough, London was calling this eternal and musical duo to offer us the melodious treat here.

Its for the first time Ghulam Ali from Pakistan and Suresh Wadkar from India came together to offer a treat of music which doesn’t have geographical limits.

A sold out musical concert...and musical night to remember forever.